Experience Equals Results

At Janus Hotels & Resorts, we begin our relationship with you based on two simple factors: our experience and your trust.  We have over four decades of proven results and expertise guiding our decisions, and we’re committed to earning your confidence.

Hotel Management 

When it comes to finding the right hotel management company for your property, we know you need a professional team that understands the unique requirements of the franchise, and the property's location and market. Based on your hotel's competitive set and historical data, we then analyze your options and create customized strategies that can be measured. 

Throughout the process, our professionals can aggressively sell the benefits of any hotel and effectively manage today's diverse work force while remaining attuned to the needs of your guests. We strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve by working together to embrace common values.

Non-Traditional Asset Management Services

Although Janus's core business is managing hotels and resorts, we also have the expertise to operate a wide range of non-traditional real estate assets such as apartments, condominiums, country clubs, RV resorts/campgrounds and all other types of rental real estate.