Hotel Receivership

Comprehensive Solutions Based on Strategic Analysis

A leader among the nation’s top hospitality management companies, Janus Hotels & Resorts can provide assistance in the restoration of confidence  for financially challenged properties.

Whether held by third-party owners or their institutional clients, these assets often come into our hands during the most critical periods of their existence. As the court-appointed receiver, we work quickly to analyze, reconcile and interpret all the challenges they may be facing. Our experienced, on-staff corporate counsel can advise management on legal issues and satisfy all court-reporting requirements.  This way, we eliminate the expense and inefficiency of retaining outside counsel – all while preserving value.

Put the experience we’ve earned by providing hotel and apartment receivership service for over 60 assets to work for you! Because we employ individuals with a deep knowledge across a wide range of topics, we can handle all aspects of receivership, including:

  • Brand Relationships 
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Property Enhancement and Maintenance
  • Staffing
  • Financial Review and Management
  • Cash Controls
  • Legal Obligations and Satisfaction of Court Reporting Requirements
  • Food and Beverage Operations Management
  • Liquor License Issues

Under one simple fee structure, our team can serve as your property’s receiver, legal counsel and management company – saving you money as well as critical time! 

Our three-for-one receivership service includes:

  • Immediately securing the asset
  • Providing management services to stabilize the asset 
  • Restoring staff and customer confidence in the asset

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